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Are you thinking of buying Real Estate? Let’s work together to start planning your future. We would like to help you do what we do best — help you accomplish your Real Estate needs. Here are a couple of questions you might think about before we meet.
Are you ready to purchase Real Estate? Some factors to consider when preparing to buy Real Estate are whether or not you have a steady source of income and if you have been employed on a regular basis.  Also, determine how much money you have saved for a down payment and what would be a realistic amount of money that you could spend on a mortgage each month.  We will investigate the maximum loan amount that you would be comfortable with in order to establish your price range.  Numerous loan programs  are available.  Speaking with a reputable Lender that will guide you through  the  process is very important.
Once we have determined the price range, we will discuss your needs. Think about where you would like to live and how much space you would like to have.  When deciding on possible locations, think about distance to your job, schools, family, etc. Making a list of your priorities, such as location, size, and amenities can help you narrow down the list of properties to investigate further.  Determine your minimum requirements as well as a wish list of perks.
We are dedicated to meeting your needs and the more information you can share with us, the better we can serve you. Contact us at 505-980-6383 or scott@abqhomesearch.com to schedule an appointment so we can discuss more about your Real Estate needs.
We would like to share some ideas with you about finding your future home, including information on deciding on a community to live in and what to look for during a walk-through.
When determining the neighborhood you would like to live in, please consider its location approximate to your job as well as schools, public transportation, shopping, museums, theaters and other attractions that might interest you. Drive around the neighborhood and talk to residents. Can you picture yourself happily living here? Most importantly, choose a community where you feel comfortable.
It is best to evaluate each house based on what it has to offer. There are many things to look for when walking through a home, including the following
* Are you happy with the lot size?
* Does it have the desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms?
* Do you like the floor plan?
* Does it include all of the minimum amenities for your lifestyle?
* Is there enough space for the present and the future?
* Is the construction quality up to your standards?
* Is the house structurally sound?
* Will your furniture fit in the space?
* Is there enough storage space?
We will help point out the pros and cons of each home from a professional standpoint. Once we weed out the homes that do not interest you, we should consider the details of the ones you like, including the amount of work that needs to be done if you purchase the home. It is best to determine if all of the mechanical systems and appliances work. Does anything need to be repaired or replaced? Find out if the seller will do these things or offer an allowance for the buyer to do them. If you are happy with the details, we should go back to the final contestants for a second look. This will help us select the perfect home for you.
The more you keep me updated with your needs, the better we can assist you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. We can be reached at 505-980-6383 and scott@abqhomesearch.com.