I’m really an advisor and don’t consider myself a “sales person.” I’ve been selling real estate full time in the greater ABQ area for 22 years. I am intimately familiar with the Real Estate market, trends and related service providers in and around the Real Estate industry.
When you are ready to make a move, I’m ready to help. I provide an experience that feels good and always look for ways to make your experience better.
I’m proud of my accomplishments over 22 years in the industry because they’ve allowed me to provide a better client experience and quality service. I’m a certified mediator and Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE). The basics of each real estate transaction are the same: There’s always a buyer and a seller, inspections, financing and appraisals.  But this could be your first home, or a new marriage, investment property or a divorce or maybe it’s an estate sale because you have lost someone in your family. There are lots of moving parts and I will provide you with accurate information and exceptional service so you can make informed decisions, whatever you’re going through. 
I’m always on the lookout for new tools, skills, technology and approaches to give you the best experience possible. Typically, real estate is the largest investment you will make and there are a lot of details to work through.  I want you to feel really good about your decisions, and empower you to make them when you are ready.
I don’t focus on what I have to do to get more business. I’m focused on my training and experience to give you the best customer service I can and letting you decide if you want to refer someone back to me. I’m happy to say, over 90 percent of my business comes from personal referrals and repeat customers.
Home is… Home is different things to different people and helping people find whatever home is, that’s something I really like.